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Предположим, что Шепард вышел в отставку и, как обещал Гаррусу, начал просто наслаждаться жизнью.

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Shepard is waking up and he's still shaking. He had a bad dream. A nightmare about aliens called Reapers who attacked Earth and being the biggest threat for entire Milky Way galaxy. He recalls that he was the one who could beat these creatures but now he's trying to understand what was going on. He looks through a window... he sees intact buildings, clear blue sky, people sitting on the bench, policemen doing their job. There are no Reapers, there is no threat, there is no Normandy, Joker, Kaidan, Garrus and other brothers in arms. What the hell... he shouts. 
He's trying collect his thoughts. Shepard now thinks about blue alien named Liara. He loved her in his dream, she was the moon and the sun to him... Now it's all gone. Fortunately or unfortunately? 
But... maybe it wasn't just a dream. Maybe he has just jumped back in time being aware of all the cruelty done by Reapers. 
For now he can't change anything but this dream is never going to be forgotten... because it wasn't dream at all... He realizes and yells: Stand up and fight, soldier!

Starring: Mark Vanderloo as Commander Shepard


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